Buscan los emprendedores más innovadores del sector sanitario Wayra, Pfizer y Fundación Pfizer.

Wayra, Telefónica and Pfizer collaborate to promote innovation in the healthcare sector

Wayra, Telefónica’s leading open innovation program, has joined forces with Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation to kickstart the fifth edition of Innomakers4Health. This program brings together innovation and technology to tackle the challenges of the healthcare sector and create prototypes that enhance the quality of life for the population.

Exclusive opportunity for 100 selected candidates

Only 100 individuals will be selected to participate in Innomakers4Health, which will take place on December 1st and 2nd at the Fundación Telefónica’s 42 Madrid campus. The selected candidates will work in groups of 6 people, supported by top professionals from Wayra, Pfizer, and the Pfizer Foundation, to develop their proposals.

Seeking diverse backgrounds and skills

This call for applications is open to a wide variety of candidates, including students, professionals with or without experience, entrepreneurs, and startups with an interest in the healthcare sector. Applicants should possess STEAM capabilities and knowledge of current disruptive technologies. Candidates with a background in social sciences and expertise in market analysis and strategic planning are also welcome to apply. Registration is open from now until November 17th.

A focus on cardiovascular disease control through technology

Although the specific challenge for this edition will only be announced during the event, the central theme will revolve around the use of technology to control cardiovascular diseases. This common starting point ensures that all participants begin the program on equal footing, ready to address the challenge at hand.

Empowering young entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment

Wayra’s Global Managing Director, Andrés Saborido, expresses pride in partnering with Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation for this exciting challenge. The program aims to seek disruptive solutions in a collaborative environment where the latest technologies can be utilized in a key sector of society, such as healthcare. Additionally, it offers young individuals the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by developing their projects in a cooperative, inclusive, and creative atmosphere.

A platform for innovation and talent in the healthcare sector

Sergio Rodríguez, President of the Pfizer Foundation, points out that Innomakers4Health has become a benchmark event for the entrepreneurial community in healthcare. The program aims to foster innovation and creativity in the sector while showcasing Spain’s innovative talent. It provides young individuals with the opportunity to develop their ideas for the benefit of patients.

Award and acceleration opportunities for the top participants

The top three finalists will receive a prize worth €6,000, with the winner gaining the opportunity to accelerate their project at the InnomakersLAB hub, alongside Wayra. Wayra will also provide six months of mentoring, access to workspace at their Madrid hub, and the potential for investment in the future.

By bringing together leading organizations in innovation and healthcare, Innomakers4Health continues to be a platform that drives forward the development of groundbreaking solutions for the challenges faced in the healthcare sector. This collaborative effort not only cultivates innovation but also empowers young entrepreneurs and showcases the transformative potential of technology in improving the lives of individuals and communities.

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